The HACO company was established in 1989, on the eve of political changes in Poland. The initiators of its establishment were three well-known enterprises operating in marine economy:

  • Stocznia Gdańska S.A. (Gdańsk Shipyard)
  • MacGREGOR(FIN)Oy with its registered office in Finland


At the same time those companies assumed shares in the HACO initial capital. The idea was to create a company which would become a manufacturer and supplier of ship’s hatch covers for the European and domestic market.


The Articles of Incorporation of the Company were signed on 24.08.1989. Effective activity was initiated in 1990 on premises leased from Gdańsk Shipyard. Since then, the Company leased subsequent manufacturing premises in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Pruszcz Gdański, continuing its growth.


During the consolidation process, ended in 1994, aimed at reducing the costs of manufacturing activity, HACO moved all activity to the premises of CENTROSTAL S.A. in Gdańsk-Kokoszki. As time went by, CENTROSTAL became the main owner of the Company purchasing shares from the previous ones.


Since 1995, intensified progress begins which was shown in expansion of the company with new machines and devices, introducing the latest technologies into the manufacturing process. This also helped to change the manufacturing profile – production of covers became marginal in the activity, giving room to significant increase of manufacturing small structures and elements of ship equipment.


In 2003 the company purchases its own premises, becomes financially independent from external entities and moves its whole activity to Pruszcz Gdański. New manufacturing halls are erected on the new premises and since then, alongside constant purchase of new machines and devices, development of HACO has continued uninterruptedly.


W maju 2019 następuje zmiana Zarządu firmy. Nowy, trzy osobowy zarząd, staje przed wyzwaniem związanym z uwiarygodnieniem swojej pozycji, kontynuacją dobrych relacji z Klientami oraz dalszym rozwojem firmy.


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ul. Obrońców Westerplatte 5A
83-000 Pruszcz Gdański