Laser cutting

Laser cutting

We have two industrial CNC laser cutting machines, which enable precise cutting of flat materials – the models are Bystronic BL1000 with power of 1000W and Bystronic Bystar 3015 with power of 3000W.


The services of laser cutting include:

  • preparation of lofting documentation (cutting programme) based on the submitted technical drawings or files in Auto CAD formats (.dxf or .dwg)


  • laser cutting of the following materials
    • black steel up to thickness of 15mm
    • stainless steel up to thickness of 15 mm
    • aluminium up to thickness of 5 mm
    • brass up to thickness of 5mm


We undertake to cut other flat materials only after conducting initial tests. Cutting precision is 0.1mm per 1 meter. Cutting out any shapes is practically unlimited under condition that proportions of the holes being cut out are maintained – holes’ diameter or distance between them may not be smaller than 150% of thickness of the material in which they are cut.


Enquiries with drawings in the form of files may be sent to us via electronic mail.


T: +48 58 773-77-70

F: +48 58 773-77-99


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